Nghị quyết 53/2013/QH13

Resolution No. 53/2013/QH13 of November 11, 2013, on socio-economic development plan in 2014

Nội dung toàn văn Resolution No. 53/2013/QH13 on socio-economic development plan in 2014


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No. 53/2013/QH13

Hanoi, November 11, 2013





Pursuant to the Constitution of Socialist Republic of Vietnam 1992, amended in the Resolution No. 51/2001/QH10;

In consideration of the reports made by the Government, the People’s Supreme Court, the People’s Supreme Procuracy, agencies of the National Assembly, agencies concerned, and opinions of deputies of the National Assembly;



The world’s economy does not recover as quickly as expected while complicated developments occur in the region and the world. Inherent weaknesses of Vietnam’s economy are eliminated slowly while macroeconomic stability is suffering from negative impacts of new issues. Natural disasters, storms and floods constantly occur and inflict serious damage upon production and people’s life.

However, under the leadership of the Communist party, with the effort of the whole political system, the economy and society have experienced positive changes in 2013, which basically achieve the targets that were set. 11/15 among which are expected to be achieved. The objective "Macroeconomic stability, social security assurance, reasonable growth” set by the National Assembly in the 3-year period 2011 - 2013 is basically accomplished.

However the economic and social indicators are still low according to the Resolution of the 11th National Meeting of Communist Party and the National Assembly’s Resolution on 5-year plan 2011-2015. Vietnam is still undergoing a difficult period while facing plenty of challenges in the near future, and cannot grow remarkably within the next one or two years.

During 2014 - 2015, the Government must focus on enhancing the macroeconomic and maintaining major balances of the economy at the request of the National Assembly. Focus on eliminating the weaknesses; stabilizing and restructuring the financial market, improve the transparency of businesses, settle bad debts of businesses, banks, and unfinished constructions.  Avoid deficit, encourage thriftiness, cut the expenditures that are not necessary; leave resources for social security and social welfare. Effectively implement national target programs; prefer investments in construction of new rural areas and poverty reduction. Focus on making three strategic breakthroughs and implement the Overall plan for systemic restructuring associated with growth model innovation in order to achieve remarkable and effective changes in 2015.

Economic growth reaches 6% per year during 2014 - 2015, consumer price index increases by 7% per year, total investment reaches 31% - 31% of GDP; export turnover grows by 10% per year; 3 - 3.2 million of people are employed, unemployment rate in urban areas falls below 4%; ratio of trained workers reaches 55% in 2015; the number of poor households reduces by 1.5% - 2% per year, poor districts 4%; the forest coverage reaches 42% in 2015.


1. Overall targets

Sustain macroeconomic stability; control inflation; maintain a reasonable growth and improve the quality, effectiveness, and competitiveness of the economy by focusing on the achievement of three strategic breakthroughs associated with growth model innovation and restructuring of the economy. Ensure social security, social welfare, and improve people’s life. Use resources rationally and effectively, protect the environment, and actively respond to climate change. Enhance administrative reform, prevent corruption and wastefulness; improve the business environment. Ensure national defense and security, social safety and order. Expand and raise the efficiency of diplomatic relations and international integration.

2. Specific targets

GDP rises by 5.8%

Export turnover rises by 10%

The ratio of import deficit to export turnover is 6%

CPI rises by 7%.

Total investment reaches 30% of GDP.

The ratio of poor households decreases by 1.7% - 2%, poor districts 4%.

1.6 million people are employed.

The unemployment rate in urban areas is below 4%.

The ratio of trained workers reaches 52%.

The ratio of undernourished children under the age of 5 falls below 15.5%.

The ratio of sickbeds to ten thousand people reaches 22.5 (excluding health stations of communes).

The rate of establishments causing serious environmental pollution that are dealt with reaches 85%.

The rate of industrial parks and export-processing zones the concentrated sewage treatment systems of which are satisfactory reaches 80%.

Forest coverage reaches 41.5%.


The tasks and solutions established by the Government, the People’s Supreme Court, the People’s Supreme Procuracy and agencies of the National Assembly are approved by the National Assembly. Such tasks and solutions shall be achieved as follows:

1. Keep adopting the flexible monetary policies and strict financial policies. Regulate interest rates to control inflation. Increase credit and ensure credit quality. Control exchange rates and foreign currency market effectively to maintain the value of Vietnam's currency. Keep public debts, government debts, national foreign debts within safety limits. Review technical standards related to electricity prices; publicize electricity prices; apply market prices to prices of electricity, medical services, and educational services in 2014; introduce policies on support for beneficiaries of preferential policies, workers and low earners.

2. Focus of resolving the difficulties to productions and business of companies and people. Enable companies, cooperatives, and households to take loans effectively; keep restructuring debts, reducing interest on old debts; balance the interests of credit institutions and companies, cooperatives and households. Implement the legislation on taxation passed by the National Assembly, especially VAT refund.

Complete the policies on encouraging investment in agriculture and rural areas; encourage mechanization of farm work; encourage people to participate in New Rural Areas Program. Provide effective long-term solutions for supporting the sale of flagship agricultural products; focus on rice, coffee, rubber, shrimp, fish, and fruits in 2014.

Review and revise the policies on support for real estate market. Keep implementing the National Assembly’s Resolution No. 19/2008/QH12 dated June 03, 2008 on provisional permission for foreigners to buy and own houses in Vietnam until the amended Law on Housing is passed and comes into effect.

3. Implement the solutions for encouraging the participation of companies and economic sectors in the restructuring of the economy. Complete the investment restructuring project, in which public investment is the focus. Complete the management of public investment, especially decentralization of management and identification of accountability of investment deciders. Prioritize settlement of debts from fundamental construction. Review and classify the constructions and projects to basically complete the unfinished ones by 2015. Review the designs and estimates of projects and constructions, remove parts that are unnecessary or use expensive materials and devices and cause the total investment to irrationally increase.  Control and limit the construction of administrative agencies. Agencies of communes may be built if necessary.

Introduce a system of policies on support for restructuring of state-owned companies in an open, transparent manner and in association with personal responsibility. Focus on equitizing state-owned companies. Publicize the operation of every state-owned company. Gradually increase the mobilization of investment by companies in the form of shares or bonds; make a plan for reducing the ratio of loans from commercial banks.

Complete the legal environment; encourage a healthy and safe development of the finance market to regain the momentum for fast and sustainable economic growth. Review the cross ownership that negatively impact the market related to banking, securities, insurance, gold trading. Results shall be reported to the National Assembly in the 7th meeting. Bad debts shall be controlled and settled in accordance with international practice.

Restructure the agriculture to make significant changes; increase investment in agriculture, rural areas, and marine business. Focus on reviewing and adjusting planning together with efficiently using paddy land; propagate new production and management models that are effective, especially large field model. Establish material zones that are competitive both on the domestic and foreign markets. Enhance the cooperation between the State, scientists, companies and people, firstly focus on the areas where large-scale agriculture economy is developed. Projects on restructuring industry, service provision and trading must be issued soon.

4. Focus on effectively achieving three strategic breakthroughs. Keep completing the market economy, socialist constitutional government, and protecting the sovereignty of people. Review and revise the legal system, firstly the organizational structure of the state to suit the amended Constitution. Promulgate legal documents and enhance the supervision of their implementation. Keep revising regulations on public duty; improve the transparency and encourage public supervision. The total number of officials shall not increase until 2016. Positions of officials shall be rearranged. The officials laid of after the rearrangement shall be dealt with.

5. Expand and improve social security policies, especially social insurance and health insurance; provide support for the people facing difficulties or suffering from natural disasters. Effectively implement the policies on incentives for contributors. Provide guidance on search and collection of martyr remains. Review and revise the policy on poverty reduction in order to ensure sustainable poverty reduction. Enhance investment in medical facilities; focus on reducing the pressure on central hospitals. Make a comprehensive change to education; focus on changing the compulsory education program and textbooks in 2014, which can develop students’ ability. Improve the quality of human resources to satisfy demands of the labor market. Make investment in application of science and technologies to raise the competitiveness of Vietnamese products. Enhance management of resources, environment protection, response to climate change, prevention and reduction of damage caused by natural disasters.

6. Keep fighting against corruption, resolve social issues, people’s complaints and denunciations, especially ones related to land. Enhance prevention of crimes; sustain national security, social order and safety; reduce the number of traffic accidents, the number of people hurt and killed by traffic accidents; intensify fire safety. Take strong measure to prevent degeneracy and debauchery.

7. Participate in the establish of ASEAN Community in 2015; report the progress in the 7th meeting; prepare necessary conditions for quickly and effectively implementing important agreement such as Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, and Vietnam - EU Free Trade Agreement.  Protect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; stay ready to respond to global non-traditional security threats.


The Government, the People’s Supreme Court, the People’s Supreme Procuracy shall effectively implement this Resolution.

Standing Committee of the National Assembly, Committees of the National Assembly, Delegations of the National Assembly, and deputies of the National Assembly shall supervise the implementation of this Resolution.

Central Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front, its associate members, and the social organizations established within the law shall supervise and encourage people from all social strata to implement this Resolution.

Vietnam’s citizens in Vietnam and overseas are encouraged to overcome the difficulties and challenges, accomplish the Socio-economic development plan 2014, and create a momentum for the accomplishment of the 5-year plan for socio-economic development 2011 - 2015.

This Resolution is passed by the 13th Constitution of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the 6th meeting on November 11, 2013.




Nguyen Sinh Hung



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